What We Do

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization support group dedicated to assisting the unique needs of mothers of twins, triplets, and other higher order multiples in the DFW area. We provide support to members and services to families in need.

Community Giving

As a club, we love doing philanthropic activities around DFW! Here are some examples of activities we usually do annually and have done in the past:

Adopting Multiples Families in Need Over Holidays

Scottish Rite Hospital

Halloween Trick or Treating at the CC Young assisted living facility in Dallas
“Lets get the young and the seasoned together for a hauntingly good time!” We walk through the facility, little ones all dressed up, as the residents hand out a small amount of candy. We have Halloween cards to give in return (which we make at the October meeting)

(Member) New Moms’ Meals

We love to provide a meal for our new moms and their family! If you’re a member, recently delivered, and have not yet been contacted about receiving a meal, please contact us at your free meal, contact NewMomMeals@ndmotc.org. Similarly, if you’d like to volunteer to deliver a meal to one of our new moms (the price of the meal will be comped by the club!), please contact us at NewMomMeals@ndmotc.org.

Preemie Clothes Closet

Expectant moms: Did you know that NDMOTC has a Preemie Clothes Closet? There are piles of wonderful preemie clothes just waiting to find a tiny baby! Email preemiecloset@ndmotc.org for more info!

Moms with grown preemies: Do you have preemie clothes to donate? We are always looking to keep our closet fresh with new clothes. If you’re a member, please bring your donation to the club meeting, have a free dinner, and know that you are helping out another mom! Non-members contact preemiecloset@ndmotc.org

Questions or Ideas?

Have questions or ideas for future service projects? Our Community Outreach Chair is always looking for input! Contact her at communityoutreach@ndmotc.org!